Jeffery Keith

Art is the language we use to say that which cannot otherwise be said.

Painting is such a language. For most of my life painting has been my way of responding to living on earth, through scale, mark-making, texture, and most significantly, color. Each work of art relates in some way to my experience in the real world: an argument, an early morning swim, the taste of pear and gorgonzola. For a painting to succeed that connection must resonate clearly enough to locate the viewer at the center of their own experience as well.

The painting process begins in mystery, guided by intuition. It is a conversation I enter into that for me is as real as any other. At some point within the balance and interplay of color marks I find a map and then my bearings. The imprint of memory lies deep in the heart of each painting; the painting leads me there. To bring that experience into the world with sincerity and depth I rely on the quality of color, the chromaticity. It can be as simple as making the most beautiful object I can.