Roger Stevens

My work is about everything I see: the fruit, the fire hydrants, the shellfish, the graffiti, the orchids, the construction sites, the hands and the feet. Maybe my sculptures are little homages to the beautiful, majestic, awe-inspiring, precious things that are everywhere under our very noses. I hope my work is evidence of a life thoroughly appreciated.

Rodger Stevens was born in Brooklyn, New York, and educated at the Parsons School of Design (NY) and The School of Visual Arts (NY). His work has been appearing in galleries, museums and publications in the United States and elsewhere since 1993. He has done commissioned work for such clients as The Whitney Museum of Art, The Katonah Museum, The Bristol Museum, Tiffany & Co., Jonathan Adler, Yohji Yamamoto, The New York Children’s Museum of Art, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and MTV. Rodger continues to sculpt, draw, take pictures, and live in New York City.